Stories and songs

Stories and songs

Stories and Songs

Everyone loves Stories and Songs!

Did you know Lucia likes them so much, she writes her own. She is working on the first book in the series of 6 right now.!

The first story is about a dizzy Cotton Pixie called 'Lace' who lives in a magical world below the floorboards of an old textile mill ... perhaps not far from where you live. My friend Tricksy Pixie has illustrated the pictures for the book and you can see her working hard behind the scenes to bring all the characters to life.

The first book, Lace and the 'Revolting' Door, is almost ready to go to print and who knows .... before long it could be on your bookshelf.

Other titles in the series to look out for are ...'Cabbage Patch Soup'....'The Olympixie Games'....'A Stitch In Time Saves Line No.9'.... 'A Pixie's Passion For Fashion'....'When the Dust Settles' All coming soon.!

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