Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

'LuciaParties.com' Terms & Conditions

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At LuciaParties.com we aim to bring general party enquiries from the public, to reliable and experienced party service providers.

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'Lucia The Entertainer's' Terms and Top Tips

What’s in Store..?

During the week running up to the party we will touch base over the phone. We will need to discuss final numbers, access times to the venue (approx 45 mins before the party), meal times and labeling the children’s prizes. I will reassure you that everything is on schedule.

Due to the nature of my business and the volume of parties I undertake, sometimes returning your call can take some time. My answer machine is on 24 hours a day. Don’t panic! I retrieve all my messages daily and respond to those in date order. One of the biggest fears when booking a children’s entertainer is a no-show. Please be reassured, your party is booked. I have never double booked a party or refused to turn up. In the unlikely event of me having to cancel the party on the last minute due to illness or accident, I would immediately refer you to another well established entertainer, try to re-schedule the event offering a discount and will send a gift free of charge in the post to the birthday girl or boy.

My business has successfully run on good will for over 20 years. No deposit is necessary however a minimum £60 cancellation fee will be incurred if a party is cancelled within a month prior to the big day. Therefore I recommend checking school calendars and class lists before a firm booking is made. I open my diary every September to advance enquiries and can secure a date for over 12 months. Due to popular demand, if you are considering another party next year, book early to avoid disappointment.

During the party I will improvise a variety of interactive games with the kids. These will be age appropriate and suitable to play with children between the ages of 3 and 11 years. Anyone below or above this age will need extra supervision as my main aim is to focus on the majority age group and pitch the style and pace of the party at their class abilities. Under 3’s will not have the concentration skills and level of understanding to participate fully and would therefore require an adult to supervise. Children over the age of 11 years may not find the games intellectually challenging enough, so again, a watchful eye may be necessary, unless they are willing to join in knowing it is for a younger audience.

Most parents will leave once the party has started and come back to collect their children at the end. This often works well as there is less distraction and more concentration from the kids.

Every child at the party will win prizes. The number will depend on how interactive they are on the day. Everyone will be encouraged to join in, how much they interact will depend on the child themselves. As all personalities vary, some kids will ‘go non stop’, while others may prefer to sit out and watch at times. Using my experience in education, the games are designed to be self developing, competitive at times, but mainly group cooperative. I encourage the children to participate in a controlled and harmonious manner. I constantly reward them for good behaviour, lovely manners and thoughtful actions.

In order to acknowledge attendance and ensure all the children present are rewarded I will require a list of the guests names and ages on arrival. A class list is ideal and is often obtainable from your child’s class teacher. This will also come in useful for addresses and contact numbers, should a parent need to be reached before or during the party. On many occasions, the children have been given a badge of some sort to wear on their top. A sticker is a cheap and effective way of identifying them and making them feel welcome.

If holding your party during term time, send your invitations out at least three weeks before the party and if you have chance use your names list as a ‘tick off’ sheet and remind parents of the event in the playground a few days prior. As sure as it will rain on a Bank Holiday, some parents will unfortunately not be as organized as yourself and may forget to confirm attendance, it’s always best to include these ‘not let me knows’ in your numbers when preparing food, party bags, place setting etc. Remember don’t take this personally, it’s just one of life’s niggles and it happens at every party….trust me.

I am B-Tec Nat Dip trained and qualified to work with children from 0-18years. I continue to have a wide experience of working with children or all race, religions and backgrounds. I use this knowledge to provide all the children at each party with appropriate entertainment suitable to meet their individual needs. I have public liability indemnity and will make myself aware of all health and safety issues at each venue. I will not be held responsible for any accidents that may arise during the party as all the children are there to voluntarily participate. Please be aware of child to staff ratios when organizing a school or corporate event.

I hope these tips come in useful. They are only meant as a guideline, but have helped many nerve-wracked parents successfully get through yet another children’s party.

Ps. Tie a couple of balloons to a tree or post outside your venue...they have proven to be more effective than a Sat Nav!

Good Luck,
Love Lucia x

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